Denim: The World Tour

Four webisodes I directed for¬†United Agents. The episodes are a mockumentary following ‘Drag Queen Supergroup’¬†Denim, to promote their 2017 show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Story by – Denim
Cinematography by – Mark Kuczewski & Poom Saiyavath

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EASY AS… (2017)

‘Easy As…’ is Andrea’s latest short film.
Jonty and Monty, two English gentlemen long past their prime, sit in a very cosy, English living room reading English newspapers. After coming across an article describing something being “as easy as pie”, the...

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‘An inquisitive girl is convinced by her controlling mother that her dead dad will resurrect if they show how much they miss him. That is, until he begins to rot…’
Witten by – Andrea Niada
Produced by – Chiara Cardoso

Full Film – Online...

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‘Wasteworld’ is Andrea’s mid-course fiction film at The London Film School. The film was shot over four days in a studio and was completed in two weeks of post-production, including creating and post-synchronising all of the sound in the film!

‘A woman hatches...

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‘Shot over a week in an observational style, the film follows Peter, a retired actor, who lives with his partner of sixty years, Douglas. Both in their eighties, their lives have become increasingly centred around their old age, Peter having taken more of a carer’s...

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‘Still Life’ was made as part of the MA in Filmmaking at The London Film School. The film was shot on location in 12 hours on 16mm film. All sound is post-synchronised.

‘Two crabs have two minutes in which to thwart a man’s plan to cook them for his romantic...

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‘Recycling’ was made as part of the MA at The London Film School and was shot on location 400ft (10 Minutes) of standard 16mm film and no sound.

‘A chef is on his coffee break in an alleyway behind a restaurant. As he makes his way back to work, something very strange...

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