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One Film Fan Reviews How We Are Now

Documentary Short Film Review “How We Are Now”
4 Mar 2017   | Documentary Film Reviews

First, the Recap:
The human connection. We experience it day in and day out via our interactions with friends, family, co-workers, the cashier at the...

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Film Review: Home Education (short film) (2016)
Rio 12/30/2016 Film Reviews

An authoritarian mother and her inquisitive daughter keep their father/husband’s corpse in the attic, convinced that if they show how much they care for him, he’ll no doubt come back to life soon...

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Film Companion reviews How We Are Now

How We Are Now Short Film Review: Impossibly Ever After
This observational documentary is special and unique because it’s about two ailing men into their seventh decade of a relationship

Rahul Desai
January 30, 2017

FC Rating


Director: Andrea...

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