Director: Andrea Niada

Starring: Andrea Niada

Running Time: 24 mins.


Regardless of which part of the world you come from there’s no denying the importance of making sure children receive a quality education.   People pay big money to make sure their kids receive the best schooling money can buy.  Of course, there are people who feel that their kids would achieve better and learn more if educated at home.   Andrea Niada’s latest film HOME EDUCATION takes a rather unexpected and compelling look at the institution of home schooling.

In this film, Niada clearly likes to play with expectations.  Within the first few minutes he shows us a lot to process.  A mother and daughter appear to be at a poem reading.  We then discover that the young girl is reading the poem to her father who is lying still on the bed before them.  However, as she continues to recite her words we notice something isn’t right.  The man is dead.  From that moment on you are left to wonder just where is this film going.  Undoubtedly numerous scenarios will run through your mind and chances are you may not come to the conclusion that Niada has written.

Once again I’ve intentionally avoided revealing any spoilers.  The fun of this film not only comes from seeing where it’s going but also the performances of young Kate Reed, as Rachel, and Jemma Churchill, as her mom, Carol.   The film does deal with home education but you’ll have to see the film to see how everything ties together.  I rather enjoyed the film and while the ending didn’t go where I thought it would it ultimately proved satisfying.  Niada has written and directed a funny yet gloomy examination of home education and all its trappings.  It’s well paced with some memorable moments, twists and turns and the occasional chuckle or two.  HOME EDUCATION doesn’t skewer the institution but certainly might make you want to examine the lesson plan.

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