‘Wasteworld’ is Andrea’s mid-course fiction film at The London Film School. The film was shot over four days in a studio and was completed in two weeks of post-production, including creating and post-synchronising all of the sound in the film!

‘A woman hatches into a menacing world made of bin bags, where she must find the key to a mysterious container, which holds the terrifying secret of this strange place.’

Written by – Andrea Niada
Produced by – Oliver Sunley

Official Selection

Melbourne Underground Film Festival – 2015

Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA Qualifying) – 2015

Another Hole in the Head – 2015

Fargo Film Festival – 2016

Magnolia Independent Film Festival (honourable mention – best student film) – 2016

Screentest National Student Film Festival – 2016

Victoria TX Independent Film Festival – 2016

Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival (BAFTA Cymru qualifying) – 2016

Arizona International Film Festival – 2016

Brooklyn Film Festival – 2016

National Film Festival for Talented Youth – 2016

FilmQuest (nominated for best sound) – 2016

San Francisco Frozen Film festival – 2016

Long Island International Film Festival – 2016

Arizona Underground Film Festival – 2016

Red Rock Film Festival – 2016

Blow-Up Chicago International Art-house Film Festival – 2016





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