‘An inquisitive girl is convinced by her controlling mother that her dead dad will resurrect if they show how much they miss him. That is, until he begins to rot…’

Witten by – Andrea Niada

Produced by – Chiara Cardoso

Official Selection

Leeds International Film Festival (BAFTA & OSCAR Qualifying) – 2016

Atlanta Film Festival (OSCAR Qualifying) – 2017

Bermuda International Film Festival (OSCAR Qualifying) – 2017

Uppsala International Film Festival (OSCAR Qualifying) – 2017

Worldfest Houston (GOLD Remi Award for Student Film) – 2017

Fantasia Film Festival – 2017

Screamfest Horror Film Festival – 2016

Crossroads Film Festival – 2017

Newport Beach Film Festival – 2017

Boston Underground Film festival – 2017

Orlando Film Festival – 2017

BendFilm Festival – 2017

Dragon Con Independent Film Festival (Best Thriller Short) – 2017

Crystal Palace International Film Festival – 2017

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival – 2017

Atlanta Underground Film Festival – 2017

Atlanta Horror Film Festival – 2017

Sacramento Horror Film Festival – 2017

Filmquest Film Festival (Nominated for Best Student Film) – 2017

Winchester Short Film Festival (Nominated for Best Film) – 2017

Hot Springs international Horror Film Festival – 2017

Scare LA – 2017

Lusca Fantastic Film Festival – 2017


The movie is one of the strangest, but the best I’ve seen in short films. Home Education is eerie and chilling, due to the atmosphere of the home… and the music. – The Horror Review

Full Review HERE

A brilliant, mesmerising entry into my current favourite cinematic subgenre, “But is it horror?” films. It combines discomforting images, a dark and dry wit, simmering tension, and stylish aesthetics, and the result is a 24-minute tragicomic excursion into a young woman’s increasingly bizarre sheltered existence. – Gruesome Magazine

Full Review HERE

Right from the get go I found the film humorous, but when the mother begins to “teach” her daughter about life, her certainty in her belief system combined with her outrageous theories/claims are laugh out loud funny. – Nightmarish Conjurings

Full Review HERE

I felt like I was watching a twisted fairy tale during my viewing; almost like someone took a Disney movie and stripped it of everything that was colourful and happy and aimed at children. My viewing was, probably, one of the strangest experiences I’ve had while watching something. – Horror Society

Full Review HERE

The performances by Ms. Reed and Ms. Churchill are strong. They create a believable dynamic between mother and daughter, even as the events of the film cross into the realm of the bizarre. And it does get pretty bizarre, trust me. – HorrorNews.net

Full Review HERE

A short film lives or dies by telling a concise story. Home Education is able to do this perfect. With the dialog, visuals, and acting you can instantly sense who these people are and what their motivations are. It does this while still keeping the ending a complete mystery. A near perfect short film. – Movie-Blogger.com

Full Review HERE

Some of the creepy visuals may be off-putting for some audiences, especially given the difficult nature of the events unfolding alongside it. However, many will enjoy this combination which is brilliantly done. Fans of the horror or thriller genre will feel in their element with Home Education, a piece of filmmaking which tears others like it to shreds. It has an original story which is gripping and interesting, fantastic performances, and an overall aesthetic which is masterfully sculpted and delivered. – UK Film Review

Full Review HERE

Un lavoro da visionare per vari aspetti. Tutta la macchina gira perfettamente e con gli ingranaggi situati nei punti giusti…offrono un profondo senso del gusto. Un DramaHorror che colpisce nel segno per empatia e argomentazioni da seguire con un occhio attento. – Horror Italy

Full Review HERE

Home Education is very much a breath of fresh air and for those that like the obscure works of David Cronenberg, best keep an eye out for this one soon! – Adam The Movie God

Full Review HERE

The strong performances, the accomplished filmmaking, and the brooding photography make Home Education a short worth watching. – Horror Buzz

Full Review HERE

Interview with Andrea Niada for Boston Underground Film Festival Screening – The Boston Hassle

Interview HERE



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